Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 guidlines, the Sauna will be out of use until further notice.

What is a Nordic Saunarium?

It is a high grade knot free timber cabin which offers a bathing environment between a dry sauna and a wet steam room. The balanced combination of heat and humidity generates a ‘tropical’ atmosphere, which is both relaxing and invigorating.

The Saunarium delivers regulated heat and humidity into the cabin, operating at a temperature of between 50-60°C with humidity between 40-50%. The Saunarium offers a different kind of bathing experience which will be further enhanced with essential oils, essences and lighting.

Aroma Feature

The bathing experience can be enhanced with the introduction of many different and varied essential oils in the following categories - Refreshing, Relaxing, Invigorating, Exotic and Enticing.

Guidance Notes

For more information and rules on usage, please click on the link below