Being Work Ready

Being work ready means gaining as many experiences and developing as many skills and abilities as you can during your time at University. 

But more than this, you then need to realise that you have those competencies and recognise their relevance and transferability to other areas of your life.

How can you do this?

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  1. Your degree course offers you many opportunities to develop skills, so look carefully at your modules and think about the skills you are gaining when you complete each one.  Your module handbooks and your lecturers will help you recognise these during each module.
  2. As part of your tutorial process you will complete the AberGrad Skills Checklist, that gets you looking at your full range of skills and the evidence you can supply to support this.
  3. Attend Careers Service lectures and workshops as they are offered in your department during the year, some may be part of a module but others will be optional – don’t miss out on these!
  4. Book yourself in to other events offered by the Careers Service such as skills workshops and employer-led events where you can find out about all sorts of options and opportunities.  Check out the range of events on offer on ABERcareers.
  5. Start developing a useful network of contacts who can help you by providing information, advice and suggestions in addition to that offered by the Careers Service.  Attending the events noted in point 4 above on ABERcareers is one way to do this, but also check out the eMentoring provision the University has to offer you where you can contact past graduates and find out from them how they got on after their degree.
  6. Think about being more enterprising and possibly entrepreneurial, there’s a good chance you could be well suited to starting your own business so explore the options and find out more about this.   
  7. If you have taken a gap year before University or are thinking of taking some time out after completing your degree and before you get stuck into the excitement of applying for your next step, then there are lots of options open to you that will also provide you (or will have provided you) with great ways of developing skills and  experiences that will be highly regarded by employers.  Check out some hints and tips on this and see what employers feel with regard to taking time out.    
  8. If you feel that developing skills and experiences are particulalry challenging for you because of specific circumstances, then it may be that the Aber+ or GO Wales programmes might be helpful for you.