Working Together

We collaborate in a range of ways with a diverse network of local, national and international employers and organisations, from sole traders to large corporations, which includes our excellent alumni, of course.






Our approach to working with you will be creative, flexible and tailored to the needs of your individual business – and completely free of charge!

You may be unsure if or how we could work together, or you may have already identified a specific need that we can work with you to resolve, for example:

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Placement / Internship Opportunities

Offering work experience placements to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and ability to adapt to the working environment.  These can be short opportunities of a couple of weeks or part-time options that might fit around academic studies, summer-based internships for approximately 3 months, or full one-year opportunities for students undertaking an integrated industrial year / Year in Employment Scheme.

If you are unable to offer paid placements then do get in touch as we might be able to incorporate your placement opporuntity with our funded AberForward or GO Wales programmes in order to recompense students for their work.

Remote / Virtual Work Experience

In response to the pandemic many employers have developed remote work-based experiences for our students.  These can be any length in accordance with the nature of the work you have to offer, from a set number of hours to 3-month summer internships and even opportunities for 12 month integrated industrial years or the Year in Employment Scheme.  Such opportunities can be linked to specific academic work experience modules, the GO Wales programme, our AberForward Schemes for students and graduates, including Postgraduate students on Master’s and Research programmes.

Work-based / Simulated Scenarios

Setting real-life or simulated work-based problems to students and graduates is an excellent way to support them in developing their knowledge and experience of operating within a work environment and also provides you with fresh ideas on ways that problems can be tackled.  These can be used within academic modules, where specific knowledge might be required, as well as in our GO Wales and AberForward student and graduate development programmes.

Subject Specific Links

Making links with specific academic disciplines and even particular individual modules, which match your organisation's specialist sector, work demands, possible developments needs and/or access to a potential talent pool of students.  Supporting the curriculum, and being involved in potential changes and design opportunities to enhance academic teaching, will ensure that we can provide you with the best possible source of potential work-ready employees for the future. 


Law & Criminology and Aberystwyth Business School Virtual Placements

Law and Criminology and ABS’s Virtual Credit-bearing placements (VCBPs)

For the 2021-22 academic year, Law and Criminology and the Business School intend to roll out Virtual Credit-bearing placements (VCBPs) after a successful pilot involving Law and Criminology and several organisations including Ceredigion County Council, the NHS and Wales and West Housing  

Virtual Credit-bearing placements (VCBP 20/21) VCBPs share many similarities with traditional, in-person placements but their online nature allows students the opportunity to get remote workplace experience with organisations across the country, even the globe as a credited module which can be taken during semester time alongside their other modules.

VCBPs enable students to gain invaluable work experience and boost their CV in spite of coronavirus restrictions and are intended to complement rather than replace existing placement provisions.

Law and Criminology and Business School students have access to modern technologies such as hardware and software resources  and subject-specific databases and have the freedom to work remotely and effectively regardless of location and irrespective of challenges such as the pandemic outbreaks.

Benefits for Employers

-          Young people bring a whole new energy and perspective

-          Your employees will develop their own supervisory skills as they look after the work experience student and, in turn, feel valued in the workplace. 

-          Offering work experience opportunities doesn't cost you, financially. 

-          Offering quality and beneficial work experience can also have a follow on effect when it comes to recruitment. Your company’s reputation for investing in young people will be right up there and so more people will want to work for your firm.

Webinars and Workshops

Get access to a great talent pool of potential employees by delivering skills development webinars to our students.  These can be set up for specific departments if you have technical and specialist skills requirements or they can be offered to students across all departments as part of our University-wide employer / alumni events and career development programmes.


Why not sign up as a Mentor to support our students and new graduates by offering your advice, experience and personal perspective on getting into the labour market and developing a successful career?  Join the many alumni who have already registered for this and check out our eMentoring web page for more information.

Employer-led Events

We are keen to work with you in any number of ways, see some examples here of the events and activities in which you may wish to participate, or complete the enquiry form to initiate a more detailed discussion with us so we can meet your needs. 

Advertising Your Vacancies

Our on-line portal is easily accessible by all our students and graduates.  We are happy to advertise a full range of opportunities, whether these be graduate jobs, internship/placement vacancies or volunteering positions.  You register on the portal yourselves to access the system and so give you control over the content of your vacancies, including promoting your organisation with your logo.