Report a Dignity and Respect Issue

If you submit an anonymous report we will not be able to offer you individual advice or support and the information you provide will be used for statistical purposes only. Where you identify yourself, your report will be submitted to staff in the Advice, Information and Money Service and will be used to put you in touch with a Student Adviser who will advise you about your options for taking the matter forward and discuss the type of support available to you. Personal or identifiable information will not be disclosed to others without your consent unless we believe there is a risk to your or to another individual’s safety and wellbeing in which case we will usually discuss this with you before making a disclosure. Please note that in submitting your concern via this form you are not initiating a formal complaint. Because the information you have provided is sensitive we need your explicit consent to hold and process this information which will normally be retained for the length of your period of registration plus one year.