Criteria for 'Other' Category

“If a student has a Mental Health disorder diagnosis or they can provide a ‘reasonable case’ of a mental health condition or significant level of anxiety related to them studying on campus”

The following list will be considered as suitable criteria for Study from Home. This list not exhaustive and in exceptional circumstances other cases may be considered.

  1. Diagnosed Mental Health condition
  2. Disclosed MH condition on AStRA (Student Record) / UCAS application
  3. Undisclosed MH condition on AStRA (Student Record) / UCAS application but able to provide a ‘reasonable case’ of a MH condition or a significant level of anxiety etc
  4. Student is the primary carer of a dependent/s and attendance to campus teaching/activities would result in significant anxiety about Covid for the student and their dependant/s
  5. Student has a terminally/seriously ill family member and is worried/anxious about being caught up in a lockdown situation in Aberystwyth and then unable to return home
  6. After a discussion with their academic department, or if needs be Student Support, a student continues to have significant anxiety about Covid and has become isolated and unwilling to engage in on-campus teaching/activities