Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans

Please note that the type of scholarship or bursary that you are eligible to apply will depend several different factors (e.g. type of study, subject area, nationality, permanent residence, start date, … etc.). Please check our Funding & Scholarship Calculator and see the relevant page below for further information.

Some scholarships can cover all of your fees and provide a living allowance (i.e. full-funding) whereas other scholarships could be partial funding (e.g. contribute towards your tuition fees). Bursaries tend to be partial funding towards your tuition fees. Any such awards would be an important part of your financial arrangements and would also have the added benefit of positive statement for your c.v./resumé.

If you are unable to secure a scholarship or bursary, loans are another method of obtaining funds to finance your studies but these would have to be repaid of course. Ensure that you are aware of the terms of any loan before you sign up for one.