Internal Re-sit Assessment/Supplementary Examination Charge

In the event of students being required to undertake re-sit or supplementary examinations, an invoice will be sent to the student which will be subject to the University’s standard terms and conditions. This amount will not be added to the standard tuition fee charge and cannot be paid in instalments.

The cost of Internal Re-sit Assessment Fees/Supplementary Examination Charges for 2017/18 are summarised below:

10 credits £75.00
20 credits £100.00
30 credits £125.00
40+ credits £145.00

For further information relating to Internal Re-sit Assessment/Supplementary Examination Charges, please visit the Internal Re-sit Information section of the Undergraduate Office website.

Important:  If you are Re-sitting overseas then you will be subject to additional Administration charges from both Aberystwyth University and the British Council.  For further information on these charges, please contact the Academic Office via

How to Pay

Pay Online

Bank Transfer

Payment by Bank Transfer should be made to the 'Aberystwyth University General Account', Lloyds TSB, Cardiff, using the following details:

Account Number 00307826
Sort Code 30-91-63

Please ensure that you quote the student's full name reference and/or number with each transfer.

Cash / Cheque

Payment in cash/cheque can be made in person at the Cash Office which is located on floor two of the Student Welcome Centre.

If paying by Cheque, please make it payable to 'Aberystwyth University' and ensure that the student's reference number is quoted on the back.