Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring provides support for our students by putting younger students (normally first year students) in touch with student peer mentors who are either second or third year students or postgraduates. Student peer mentors can offer informal help, advice and guidance on just about any aspect of University life.

For many students, coming to study at University is a new and exciting time although there can be some challenges in the first few weeks or months; for example ranging from finding out where things are in the University, to living independently, to being away from home for the first time, to adjusting to a more independent style of learning at University or even managing your time effectively. Student peer mentors can offer informal help and advice, based on their own recent experiences of being new students themselves, on all of these things.

Peer mentoring is friendly and confidential; it is also non-judgemental.

We have two mentoring schemes: Signpost Mentoring and Departmental Mentoring:

FAQs about Departmental Mentoring

FAQs about Signpost Mentoring

FAQs about Signpost Mentors