Current Student Wellbeing Provision – Coronavirus

The Student Wellbeing Service is currently accessible by phone and email, or a practitioner can get back to you if you complete our online registration form:


Although we are not currently offering face to face appointments due to current situation with COVID- 19 and in line with Government advice, we are able to arrange a phone or business skype meeting with you if required.

Other Support options

We understand that this can be a worrying time for students. There is a range of help and advice available to Aberystwyth Students through the Big White Wall where 24/7 help and advice regarding Mental Health and Wellbeing issues can be accessed. MIND and the NHS also have helpful information


Self Isolating

It may be that you are required to self isolate and we realise this can impact on a persons wellbeing. There are things that you can do to help manage your wellbeing effectively at this time.

  • Keep a varied daily routine- can really help to distract you from any worry, whilst offering a sense of control over your situation.
  • Set up different ‘zones’- in your accommodation can help eg. Outdoor zone by a window, work/study zone, leisure activity zone, exercise zone.
  • Stay connected- keep socialising through social media with caring individuals.
  • Look after yourself- stay hydrated, offer yourself good nutrition and regular food intake, maintain a good sleep routine. Seek appropriate help and support if required.

Bereavement and Grief

Bereavement and Grief Guide

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