Typical Costs of Living in Aber

This is a general example of the kinds of costs incurred by an undergraduate staying at Aberystwyth. Remember, these will vary according to the lifestyle of the individual student. Costs are calculated over the academic year which is usually around 39 weeks.

Please bear in mind that these are average costs. The residential costs at Aberystwyth are much lower than in some parts of the country. Travel costs within the town are low and general living costs are much cheaper.

University Residences

ExpenditureCost per WeekCost per annum

 Room [Energy Inclusive]

 Standard Single Room






 £109.90 - £123.20




 £4,286 - £4,928

 Food & Toiletries

 £45  £1,800
 Social  £30  £1,170
 Phone Contracts    £12.50 + per month
 Extras  £10  £390

 Books, Equipment & Stationery

 Clothing    £200
 Travel Home    £200
 T.V. Licence    £145.50

Private Sector

There is a wide range of self-catering private sector accommodation available, where in most cases energy costs will be additional to the rent.  The Accommodation Office advises a maximum target of £80 per week exclusive of energy for the average single study bedroom with shared communal facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms. Please allow for 40 weeks at the average rental plus, to cover the summer vacation, 12 weeks at 50% of the average weekly rentals:

ExpenditureCost per WeekCost per Annum


(Standard Single)


 £65 - £90


 £2,890 - £4,140

 Food, Laundry & Toiletries  £45  £1,800
 Social  £30  £1,170


 (Depends on whether any bills are included in your rent  agreement)

 £15 - £25  £600 - £1,000
 Phone Contracts    £12.50 + per month
 Extras  £10  £400
 Clothing    £200
 Travel Home    £200

 Books, Equipment & Stationery

 T.V. Licence    £145.50

 Contents Insurance

(Depends on the value of your items)

   £88 - £178.13