Introduction to Modularisation

Module Identifiers

Most of the information on the summary is self-explanatory but the following may help you understand it better:

Module Identifiers

BS 3 01 10
The Department offering the module (Biology) The level of the module The module number The credit weighting of the module

Other examples are:
LA30110 a Level 3 module offered by Law worth 10 credits
HY30120 a Level 3 module offered by History worth 20 credits
FF20110 a Level 2 module offered by French through the Medium of Welsh (Ffrangeg) worth 10 credits

Module identifiers will feature in your student record kept in the Registry so it is important that they are written properly.

Other Study Requirements

The following terms appear on the module summaries:


You must already have taken any courses or modules listed here, either before entering University or in Semester 1 before Semester 2.


You must also take this session the modules listed here.


You cannot also take the modules listed here.

The following terms appear in the Degree Scheme Structures:


You must take the modules listed here.


You must take at least the number shown of these modules.


Free choice of modules, subject to approval by your Degree Scheme Co-ordinator.