Introduction to Modularisation

Structure of the Teaching Year 2013/2014

Term Dates Semester Dates
Monday 23/09/13 Term 1 starts  
  Semester 1  
  Teaching starts Thursday 26/09/13
  Teaching ends Friday 13/12/13
Saturday 14/12/13    
Christmas Vacation
Monday 06/01/14 Term 2 starts  
  Semester 1  
  Exams start Monday 06/01/14
  Exams end Saturday 18/01/14
  Semester 2  
  Teaching Starts Monday 27/01/14
Saturday 12/04/14 Term 2 ends  
Easter Vacation
Monday 05/05/14 Term 3 starts  
  Semester 2  
  Reading/Revision Week start Monday 05/05/14
  Reading/Revision Week end Sunday 11/05/14
  Semester 2  
  Exams start Monday 12/05/14
  Exams end Saturday 31/05/14
Saturday 31/05/14 Term 3 ends  


As noted above there will be two examination periods during the year, 19-31 January and 18 May - 6 June. You will be informed of your results shortly after completion of the examinations, in late February and late June/early July. The June/July Examining Boards will consider your performance over the year as a whole and decide whether you have passed the year.