Introduction to Modularisation

Conventions For The Classification of Modular Degrees

A candidate's class of honours degree shall normally be determined according to the following rules:

  1. The examiners in each module shall place the candidate in one of the following categories, assigning a mark indicating relative performance within the category:
    Table 1 - Degree Classes
    I 70% and above
    II(1) 60-69%
    II(2) 50-59%
    III 40-49%
    Pass 35-39%
    Fail less than 35%
  2. The candidate's overall class of degree shall normally be determined by his or her weighted average mark over all modules contributing to the honours assessment, using the classifications in Table 1.
  3. In calculating the weighted average mark the following rules will apply:
    1. Marks will be weighted according to the credit value of each module (i.e. 20 credit modules having twice the weighting of 10 credit modules etc.
    2. Marks will be arranged in a 'cascade' according to the following rules:
      Band 3: Best 80 Level 3 credits, given a weighting of 3.
      Band 2: Next best 80 Level 3 and Level 2 credits, with a weighting of 2.
      Band 1: Remainder of Level 3 and 2 and Level 1 credits, with a weighting of 1.

      Note: In allocating marks to Bands, no Level 2 mark may appear in a Band higher than that in which a Level 3 mark appears.
    3. Conventions for 4 and 5 year schemes are based upon this model with variations according to the number of credits taken. Details are available from Departments or the Academic Office.