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MEQ Questions Explained

We understand that some of the questions on the Module Evaluation Questionnaire can be confusing.

Here are some pointers to help clarify these:

Q4 - The teaching on my module:

This module has inspired me to accomplish my best work?

  • Do you feel that your module engages you to do work according to your full ability?
  • Does this module make you want to achieve good grades?

Q9 -Assessment and feedback:

Feedback on my work has been timely?

  • Was the feedback given back on time - 15 working days?
  • Did you receive feedback in time to action up (i.e. for subsequent assignments)?

Q21 - Learning community: 

I feel part of a community of staff and students?

  • Have you had opportunities to work with other students?
  • Have you been able to study with your classmates?

Q22/Q23 - Student Voice

Is it clear how students' opinions and feedback on this module have been acted on?

  • Did you have a chance to give your opinion/feedback?
  • Did you have a chance to give feedback about the module via Module Evaluation Questionnaire?
  • Did you have a chance to feedback via Tell Us Now?
  • Were there improvements made by the lecturer based on your or your peer's feedback?

Students' academic interests on this module are represented well by AberSU academic reps?

  • Did you have a SU Academic Rep?
  • Did you know who your SU Academic Rep was?
  • Did your Academic Rep help to collect feedback about your course?