How to Access Us

We are here to help and welcome your contact.

Online registration form

Complete our registration form if you want to tell us about your own difficulties. This will help the practitioner to know more about the situation, so that the right pathway to help and relevant information can be suggested in accordance with your needs, e.g. counselling along with some self-help links.

Please complete the form prior to telephoning or emailing us to arrange an appointment.


Online raising concerns form

You can tell us if you have concerns about someone else. Our Mental Health Flowcharts can be helpful to know what to suggest to someone.

Mental Health: Responding to Emergencies (PDF)

Complete the raising concerns form to give us details of the concerns and a practitioner will contact you to advise on how best to progress.

If the concerns about someone else are affecting your own wellbeing then you can access support with us by completing the online registration form.


Quick chat

We do offer regular brief 10/15-minute slots for a quick chat. You can phone or email us to find out more about when and how you can access these. If you feel you may need to chat for longer, we would advise completing our registration form and booking a Resource Appointment that will last about 30-45 minutes.



01970 621761 or 01970 622087


Please note in busy times we may not be able to get back to you as quickly as we would like. We are only able to respond during university open periods. If you require support or advice during university closed periods, please access the Togetherall , our A-Z of wellbeing pages, your GP or see our Crisis information Page.