Student Opportunities

The Student Wellbeing Service (SWS) is working to bring a varied package of training to students to support learning and the development of skills in managing mental health and wellbeing, to help you feel in more control of your situation.

AU students have access to 24/7 online support platforms with chat, assessments and module options, links to NHS and other evidence based online courses and information. We also offer practitioner- led quick video guides and more comprehensive training sessions that student can book onto.

Information on all our training options are listed below and please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions on what would be helpful for future service development.

A-Z of Wellbeing

A-Z of Wellbeing

The SWS have put together useful links to apps, webpages and Youtube clips all to help you learn about the issues that may be impacting on your daily life.


Whether you're struggling to sleep, concerned about friendships, anxiety, low mood, or depression then the Togetherall  can help

Free to AU students the Togetherall offers an anonymised, 24/7, clinically managed, peer supported community where a range of help and advice is available.

  • Chat anonymously with peers
  • Complete assessments for a range of issues like anxiety, depression
  • Gain new knowledge and skills through the range of self-help courses available:
    • Improve Your Sleep
    • Stop smoking
    • Assertiveness training
    • Stop Procrastinating
    • Balance your thinking
    • Managing Anger
    • Managing stress and worry
    • Managing depression and low mood.

Togetherall Courses (PDF)

Dr Jim White Stress Control online course

Stress Control is a four-session course. It is for people who want to learn better ways to get on top of their problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, poor sleep and low self-confidence. Stress Control is now available online and provides a range of tools such as relaxation techniques and mindfulness to help manage stress, along with course modules.

ACTivate your Life course

Activate Your Life – Free online course

Want to learn about your mind and the skills that can help you gain control of difficult thoughts and feelings? Then professor in psychology Neil Frude's free online ‘Activate Your Life’ course, available through Public Health Wales, can help.

The course is delivered through 4 videos that are around 40 minutes long.

  • Act 1: You are not your mind
  • Act 2: Facing up to life
  • Act 3: Being mindful
  • Act 4: Living wisely Living well

Student Presentation Schedule 2022-2023

Evidenced based presentations, developed and delivered by qualified practitioners to help you gain control of your situation. You can book on to these by visiting the AU Student Wellbeing Service webpage.