Departmental Contacts

Art / Mr. Paul Croft

Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences / Dr. Ifat Shah

Department of Computer Science / Dr. Frédéric Labrosse

English Language and Creative Writing / Dr Jamie Harris

European Languages - French / Mr. Kader Izri

European Languages - German / Dr. Alex Mangold

European Languages - Italian / Ms. Roberta Sartoni

European Languages - Spanish / Dr. Jennifer Woods

Geography and Earth Sciences / Dr. Andy Hardy

History and Welsh History / Dr. Sian Nicholas

International Politics / Dr. Jeff Bridoux

Aberysytwyth Law School / Dr. Anel Marais

Department of Psychology / Dr. Saffron Passam

Management and Business / Dr. Kyriaki Remoundou

Mathematics / Prof. Gennady Mishuris

Physics / Dr. Heather McCreadie

School of Education / Dr Dev Raj Acharya

Theatre, Film and Television Studies / Dr. Piotr Woycicki

Welsh / Dr Simon Rodway