International Exchange Partners

We have exchange partnerships with higher education institutions all over the world. Students can view profiles for these partners by clicking on the links below. 

Websites are provided for each of the institutions, which can provide valuable information about entering the university as an exchange student. Students are advised not to contact the university directly prior to successfully completing the International Exchange application process, but instead to contact the Study Abroad Office ( with any queries about our partners.





Rest of the World

N.B. The agreements signed by Aberystwyth University and any of the partners listed above contain clauses allowing both parties to decline all nominated students any given year or offer limited places to students due to the balance concerns. As such, this list should not be considered as a definite outline of available destinations but rather a list of Aberystwyth University Exchange Partners. Final decision about the acceptance of your nomination will be made when the Study Abroad Office contacts AU partners with your nomination details – this will happen after the selection process is complete.