Partner Profile: Boise State University

Aberystwyth University students have the opportunity to study on a direct exchange at Boise (pronounced Boi-See) State University located in Idaho, USA.

Type of link‌: Study Abroad

Motto: Excellence Without End

Mascot: Buster Bronco

Established: 1932

Number of students: 

  • 22,500 UG
  • 3,000 PG


Boise State University is in north west USA in the state of Idaho. It is located in the city of Boise which is the state capital and has over 200,000 residents. Being at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills allows students to engage in many outdoor recreational opportunities, from white-water rafting to skiing. The Boise tourism website boasts that this is a place where 'outdoor pursuits exist in perfect sync with city life'. And if sports are not your thing then there is also a great range of restaurants and cultural activities to keep you busy including the famous Boise brews cruises which will allow you to explore the city via its many breweries. The university campus is situated less than a mile from downtown Boise, an urban capital city that is an ideal place to live and learn. 


All courses are offered in English. Students from any academic department are eligible to apply at the discretion of their department’s exchange coordinator. There are a number of course available that are similar to the following departments in Aberystwyth. These include:


There are a range of accommodation options available. Residence halls are based across campus and along the Boise River Greenbelt. There are also university approved townhouses and apartments available in the city centre at a commutable distance. Housing is limited so students must make sure they apply in advance of their arrival.

Visa Information and Other Costs

All international and exchange students must apply for a J-1 visa as well as an I-901 SEVIS to study in the US. Both of these documents have fees attached which are liable to change year on year. 

ALL students attending Boise State University MUST have health insurance and be able to prove that they have purchased it. Unless the student arranges an alternaive, health insurance is provided automatically by Boise State University and billed to the student. Without the appropriate health insurance, students will not be eligible for a visa.

Getting There‌

The closest airport to Boise State University is Boise Gowan Field Airport (BOI) which is about 4 miles from campus. The university does offer a pick-up service‌ or students can choose to take a taxi or bus to their residence.

The first semester begins in August and ends in December. International students are expected to arrive a few days in advance of term dates. The second semester begins in January and ends in May. For the latest academic calender, click here.

How to Apply

All students wishing to go on an exchange to Boise State University must apply through Aberystwyth University as they must first be nominated by the international office and students usually go in the second semester of their second year unless they have special permission from their department. The application deadline for the Spring semester is october 1st and for the Fall semester the deadline in April 1st (2016).