Outgoing Students

You can apply to spend a semester or a full academic year at any of our partner universities as part of your degree.

Although it doesn't add any time to your degree, it will replace a portion of your time at Aberystwyth. The time spent abroad will usually take place during your second year and students will need to complete 30 ECTS per semester (equivalent to 60 Aberystwyth University credits). These credits will not contribute to your overall grades and subsequently, put a heavier weight on your grades in the second semester - if only studying one semester abroad, or third year grades - if studying a year abroad.


International Exchange Partners

Most of our partner universities are open to students from any department, although some of our partners may give priority to students from specific departments. Our current list of International Exchange Partners is available on our International Exchange Partners webpages.


Financial Considerations

You continue to pay tuition fees to Aberystwyth University and fees are waived at the host institution. If you receive Student Loan you can apply for it as normal and if you receive any bursaries or scholarships’ then you may be allowed to carry on receiving them (depending on the duration of your time abroad, please contact Student Fees Office for more details). You must consider budgeting for accommodation and other living costs - cost of living can vary by location. It is advised students refer to the Host Institution's Webpages for detailed and up-to-date information on expected living expenses.

Additional costs include:

  • Transatlantic and internal travel to and from the host institution
  • Health Cover
  • Visa costs
  • Books
  • Personal expenses
  • Any costs for orientation activities run by the host institution

The Travel Insurance provided by Aberystwyth University does not cover Health Insurance / Cover as required by the Legislations, Policies and Regulations of the country you will be traveling to. To read more on how to apply for Travel Insurance, Insurable Limits and access the Travel Insurance Policy Details, please refer to the University’s Insurance webpages.