How to apply

Application process

Step 1 - Research our partners

Before you submit your application, you should research the partner universities you are interested in. We advise students select multiple universities and familiarise themselves with what each of them offers in terms of student life, extra-curricular activities and the location of the campus. Furthermore, it is important you take the living expenses, the cost of applying for Visa and your Medical Insurance into consideration before applying. Should you have any issues with finding the information you need, please contact the Study Abroad Office which will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can visit our offices in Cledwyn Building or contact us at

Please note that any Academic matters should be discussed with your Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator - Study Abroad Office is not in position to offer Academic advice to students.

The period you will spend at one of our partner institutions forms an integral part of your degree at Aberystwyth University - this means that all marks and credits obtained overseas will be transferred back to Aberystwyth University upon the successful completion of your placement. Accordingly, once you have researched the destination you are interested in, you MUST discuss your choices with your Personal Tutor and your Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator.

Our current list of International Exchange Partners is available on our International Exchange Partners webpages


Step 2 - Submit your application

You are required to list (in order of preference) 4 partner universities and should be aware that you may not be offered your first choice. A completed application includes the following:

  • Fully complete and signed Outgoing Student Application 2020/21 (including signatures from your Personal Tutor and Departmental Exchange Co-Ordinator).
  • Personal statement of no more than 250 words detailing your motivations for studying abroad and the reasons for choosing your top four universities.

PLEASE NOTE: We may also request the following from you:

  • One academic reference from an Aberystwyth University academic staff member 
  • One character reference, ideally from a professional individual who has known you for at least three years - e.g. a teacher, former employer or family friend

The above reference must be submitted on the official Study Abroad Office Reference form‌. 

References from other students will not be accepted.

Students applying to study abroad via the International Exchange Programme must do so before the deadlines specified below. In some circumstances, students might still be able to apply for the programme after the deadline if places are still available. 

  • The application deadline for Semester 1 and Full Academic Year Exchanges is January 31st 2020.
  • The application deadline for Semester 2 Exchanges is April 3rd 2020.

N.B. Semester 1 and 2 refer to the Aberystwyth University semester dates. Our partners may use different terminology and different dates.

Once you have filled out the application form, email it to


Step 3 - The interview

Following the application deadline, students are shortlisted for an interview based on their application score which takes into account their personal essay and expected grades. Where possible students' exam results will also be assessed.

If the student is shortlisted, they will be interviewed by the International Exchanges Officer and a member of academic staff. The interview aims to assess students’ motivations for studying abroad as well as how much research they have done into their chosen universities and the impact an exchange will have on their degree. We will also consider how the students will represent the university if awarded a place on the exchange programme.

Following the interview, successful candidates will be informed of their allocated destination. Students are assigned to partners based on their interview performance and the number of places available at their chosen universities. Some partner universities have limited places and competition may be higher there than at other institutions.


Step 4 - Complete the partner application

Once offered a place, you will receive the information on the application process for your assigned university. This usually includes an application form, medical form, housing application and cthe ourse (module) pre-registration information. In order to obtain a visa (if required) you will also need to provide evidence of financial support.

The Study Abroad Office can provide guidance on this process but it is crucial that you can demonstrate sufficient funds to cover the cost of living at your assigned university. It is important to keep note of the Partner Deadlines, as these can often vary.

Once Aberystwyth University has approved a student status to study abroad, it is still at the discretion of the partner institution whether or not they accept a student. 

We start to receive confirmations of student places from April onwards, but some responses may be as late as July. Students will then receive official paperwork to start the Visa process. Students are strongly advised not to make any definite travel arrangements until they have obtained their Visa.



The Study Abroad Office reserves the right to withdraw an offer of placement if students have failed modules and do not have an average mark of 60 (2.1) or above. Similarly, the exchange placement will be withdrawn if students have failed modules or do not have an average mark of 60 (2.1) or above their results are released.

Students must discuss all module choices and academic matters with their Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator to ensure that they are taking sufficient credits to transfer back to AU and studying for any core requirements for their degree. This is confirmed through the Learning Agreement - this document MUST be completed prior to the start of your Exchange Placement. The deadline for submission of your Learning Agreement is as follows:

  • The deadline for Semester 1 and Full Academic Year Exchanges is  20th July 2020.
  • The deadline for Semester 2 Exchanges is 30th October 2020.

N.B. It is understood that students who do not complete their Learning Agreement and obtain necessary signatures on the document prior to the start date of their placement, are exchanging into our partner institution without the full ENDORSEMENT of Aberystwyth University. Furthermore, students wishing to change their Learning Agreement upon arriving at the partner institution should ensure that any changes are formally approved by their Department at Aberystwyth University. In any such cases, the Department should be notified IMMEDIATELY on any intended changes. Failure to do any of the above will have consequences on your ability to progress into the next stage of your studies.