Photo of Mohd Zul Fadhli Mas HoodMohd Zul Fadhli Mas Hood

BSc Econ Hons Marketing

1.Why did you choose to study at Aberystwyth?

Aberystwyth provide me with the course that is not available at other university. The geographical location of Aberystwyth also played an important part on my decision to study here. The countryside as well as the historical heritage is different from other places in the UK which I find unique.

2.What are your impressions of the course, teaching staff and the department?

The BSc Econ Hons Marketing is one of the most exciting subject and the teaching staff are also very experienced according to their field of expertise such as Strategic Marketing and Marketing Management to name a few. They are very helpful and their doors are always open for students who have any queries or a random chat especially regarding today’s business environment. The School of Management and Business is very dynamic, providing a wide range of other business degree scheme. It is known that the school of Management and Business emphasise on a small group teaching which enable teaching staff to focus more on students and providing them with one-on-one support.

3.What do you think of the University in general?

The university are well known to their amazing teaching and research centre. Most of the facilities are up to date with the current technology and its library hold up to almost a million sources. If that is not enough, I can always go to the National Library of Wales within a walking distance! Not also that, the university also have a great sports facilities to meet the need of students for sports such as football, tennis, squash, swimming and many more!

4.What do you think of Aberystwyth, the town, people and area?

The town is within walking distance with the university providing a range of offerings for leisure, entertainment and activities. For those who want to relax, the pier can be one of the places to meet your requirement. There are also places for the adventurous individuals to explore such as the Devil’s Bridge. The people are all very friendly with smiles on their faces all the time.

5.Would you recommend studying at Aber to other international students?

Absolutely! This is the University that has more than a hundred internationals studying and why not try and increase more international students so that everyone can learn and share new cultures.

6.Any other comments?

Aberystwyth University is the place to go. Great research, teaching and facilities to meet your requirements, experienced lecturers who are willing to help you, great city and accessible to other cities to travel to. I enjoyed my study here and you should experience it too.