TFTS Staff collaborate on Land of My Fathers

Land of My Fathers

Land of My Fathers

26 April 2018

‘What exactly are we loyal to? And why?’

Land of My Fathers puts you on the runway with three undercover agents: shot out through a cannon into white-knuckle exploits, posing as security contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq, facing the threats with bold, earthy humour.  In a bid to discover the truth about their assignment, and each other, they reach the edge of a dreamlike landscape, and the shattering demands of murderous love.  A fast-moving, hilarious and harrowing story, played out by athletic performers against startling digitally projected images and original music.

Come on in.  We’ve been expecting you…

Company: Lurking Truth

Written and directed by Professor David Ian Rabey

Digital Scenography by Dr Piotr Woycicki

Recommended for age 15+