TVO's film version of Sold makes TV debut

10 October 2014

In 2012 TVO became involved in a project to raise awareness about human trafficking worldwide but with a special focus on the UK. TVO  created a new play, ‘Sold’, written by Jennifer S Hartley (Creative Fellow with the theatre dept at Aberystwyth Uni.). A few months later filming began for a docufilm based on the same stories.

Sold follows the stories of 6 human trafficking victims and is based on their testimonies, ranging from a 13 year old boy, to a successful business woman. The victims come from or were trafficked into Wales and the harrowing stories show us that trafficking is not somebody else's problem - it is happening on our doorstep!

SOLD, TVO's work with human trafficking victims, is the opening drama on the new MADE IN CARDIFF TV channel

It airs at 10pm on 17 October 2014

Channel 23 Freeview; Virgin 154; Sky 134 (from November)

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