Prof Adrian Kear

BA (Hons) [Manchester]; MSocSc [Birmingham]; PhD [Surrey]; FRSA

Prof Adrian Kear

Professor of Theatre and Performance

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Adrian joined TFTS as Head of Department in February 2007. He was previously Head of Drama, Theater, Performance and Art at Roehampton University, London.

Additional Information

  • Public engagement with politics and aesthetics
  • Creative entrepreneurship, innovation and experimental thinking
  • Radical approaches to creative pedagogy, and the development of the creative University



Research interests:

  • Cultural performance & theatre as a public intellectual practice
  • Politics & performance
  • Theories of event, mimesis & representation
  • Contemporary European theater & avant-garde performance
  • Theatrical aesthetics & spectatorship
  • Democratic, participative & non-professional performance.

Research supervision interests:

  • Politics, ethics & aesthetics of performance
  • Theories of event; mimesis & representation
  • Contemporary European theatre practice
  • Spectatorship & critical aesthetics
  • Democratic participation&cultural politics.

Research supervision experience:

  • Dr Ernst Fischer, 'Living Room Theatre & Domestic Performance', Practice-based PhD: successfully completed 2003
  • Dr Gianna Bouchard, 'Performing the Anatomised Body', AHRB funded PhD: successfully completed 2006
  • Dr John Matthews, 'Training for Performance', PhD : successfully completed 2008
  • Dr Jazmin Llana, 'Ritual & Event in the Post-colonial Performance of the Philippines', Ford Foundation funded PhD: successfully completed 2009
  • Dr Esther Pilkington, 'The Journey as Performance', AHRC funded PhD: successfully completed 2011
  • Dr Daniel Ladnar, 'The Lecture Performance', APRS funded PhD: successfully completed 2014
  • Dr Richard Allen, 'The Object as Post-dramatic Gesture', part-time practice-based PhD: successfully completed 2014
  • Dr Alison Matthews, 'Dramaturgies of Social Exchange', AIPRS funded PhD: successfully completed, 2014
  • Dr Tom Payne, 'Performance&the Pol

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Thursday 12.00-13.00
  • Friday 11.00-12.00


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