Special Circumstances and Extensions

Please click on the following links if you require an extension to an assessment's deadline or if you wish to notify the Department of any Special Circumstances:

  • Extensions - If you are unable to complete your work by the deadline due to clear medical/personal circumstance and require extra time.
    Please note
    that the Extension Form can be downloaded from 3.13 Templates of the Academic Quality Handbook.
  • Special Circumstances - To inform the Department of any Special Circumstances that may have affected student's performance during the semester.

All completed forms and supporting evidence in relation to a Theatre, Film and Television Studies request must be submitted via e-mail to tfts-extensions@aber.ac.uk / tfts-specialcircs@aber.ac.uk

If your request is for a module outside the Department, please refer to the Extension Officers list and send the forms with supporting evidence to the named contact/e-mail.