Predicted Student Numbers for the Academic Timetable

  • All departments should ensure that departmental timetable officers are kept informed about changes to predicted student number for all modules.
  • More accurate module student numbers from departments enable informed timetable clash checking and room allocation and avoids unnecessary late changes to the published timetable.
  • Departmental Timetable Officers / departments should enter informed predicted numbers for each year’s modules on the Teaching Data Collection Tile on APEX under the Department Expected Size column for each module on the Modules Screen.
  • Predicted numbers should be added when rolling over a module to the next academic year (March onwards)
  • If a department does not yet have accurate predicted numbers for the next academic year, student numbers for each module from the current year can be used as indicative numbers.
  • Departments can use pre-registration numbers for 2nd year onwards modules if available.
  • Departments will not be able to complete a teaching activity request without providing a module size.  
  • All departments should ensure that all changes to predicted student numbers for modules are updated on the teaching collection page whenever changes are known.
  • Any changes to these numbers will be automatically communicated to the Timetable Office via this screen.