Terms and Conditions - AU/ATFC Scholarship

  1. Applicants must be applying to study full-time for a degree in any subject (undergraduate or postgraduate) at Aberystwyth University.
  2. Applicants MUST have achieved at least the standard of playing in the Welsh Premier League or equivalent (this would be the Vanarama National League in England).
  3. Applicants must complete and submit the AU/ATFC Scholarship application form (aber.ac.uk/scholarships) by 15th July in the year of entry to University. Applications will be considered by an awarding panel comprising representatives from the University and the Football Club, and applicants may be invited to attend ATFC for a trial.  The decision of the awarding panel is final and applicants will be informed of the outcome before the start of term.
  4. Priority will be given to applicants who apply to Aberystwyth University by 15th July and hold Aberystwyth as their Firm choice of university. Applicants must be accepted onto their chosen course in order to be eligible.  If any awards remain unallocated, consideration will be given to applicants originally holding Aberystwyth as their Insurance choice or those applying through Clearing up until 31 August.
  5. The Scholarship is renewable for each year of study, provided that:
    • For undergraduate holders, an attendance rate of at least 70% has been achieved in years 1 and 2 of the course (lectures, seminars, workshops, practicals etc.).
    • The award holder has made satisfactory academic progress (successfully proceeding to subsequent years of study).
    • The award holder has maintained the standard of playing required by ATFC.
  6. Scholarship holders will be required to train with/play for the Aberystwyth University BUCS football team in the event that they are not starting with the ATFC first team squad week to week– this could be due to a clash with AU/ ATFC fixture lists, non-selection, recovering from injury etc. Any such arrangement will be agreed between the ATFC Board of Directors and the AU SU Student Opportunities Manager.
  7. Scholarship holders may be required to participate in training activities, which could include Aberystwyth University football teams, AU Sports Centre coach education, ATFC Academy teams and/or community outreach work. Any such requirement will have a degree of flexibility in terms of timing, so as not to impinge upon academic studies. 
  8. This Scholarship cannot be held alongside an Aberystwyth University Sports Scholarship, but can be held along with any of the other undergraduate awards offered. Postgraduate applicants are advised to check with the Postgraduate Admissions Office whether any PG awards would be affected.
  9. The Award is funded jointly by The Aber Fund and Aberystwyth Town Football Club. Payment will be made direct into the award holder’s bank account in equal instalments twice a year (March and December).
  10. Payments will not be made during years abroad, years in employment, sandwich years, repeat years etc.
  11. Holders of the Scholarship must behave in a fashion befitting a representative of the University and Aberystwyth Town Football Club.
  12. Unsatisfactory progress in any of these areas, without good cause, will result in termination of the award.