Supporting Your Visit

Campus Tour Support

To make things a little easier, we will contribute towards your Campus Tour expenses when you visit.

Each Future Student or Current Applicant:

  • can claim a contribution towards visiting expenses, up to a maximum of £75.00 (based on the distance of a one way journey between your home postcode and a specified university postcode).


Less than 75 miles £15.00
75–174 miles £40.00
More than 175 miles £75.00


How to Claim

To receive a contribution towards visiting expenses you’ll need to register for, and attend and Aberystwyth University Campus Tour.

  • Following your visit you will need to complete and return Campus Tour Travel Expense Claim Form. Guidance relating to who to email your completed form to, and the date by which this will need to be submitted are detailed on the form. Download a Travel Expense Claim form
  • A copy of the Expenses Claim Form will be included in the follow up email you receive after your visit. This will provide guidance as to who to email your completed form to, and the date by which this will need to be submitted.
  • The distance is calculated in miles from the home postcode of the future student / applicant to Fferm Penglais at Aberystwyth University (SY23 3FH) using the shortest route possible on Google Maps.
  • No receipts, or proof of mode of transport will be required, however, you will need to provide the following information on the form:
      • your home postcode (for applicants as detailed on your UCAS application form)
      • your UCAS Personal ID (PID) (for applicants who have made an application through UCAS)
      • bank account information


  • Payment will normally be made within 6 weeks of your claim being submitted.
  • Payments will be made in Pounds Sterling (£).