Entrance Scholarships & Merit Awards 2019

You could qualify for an Entrance Scholarship worth up to £2,000 per year

The Entrance Scholarship competition involves sitting two exams on Tuesday 29th January 2019 - one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The exams last for one and a half hours each and we have 37 subjects for you to choose from. Unfortunately it is not possible to take the exams on any other day.

Scholarships are worth up to £2,000 a year. All award holders are given a reduced offer of a place at the University and a guarantee of a place to live in a University residence throughout their time as an undergraduate student.

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It’s possible to get one of four types of award from sitting the Entrance Scholarship exams:


1. Faculty Scholarships - £2,000 a year

We have 20 Faculty Scholarships available, which are worth £2,000 a year, as well as a reduced offer* to study at the University and guaranteed accommodation in a University property throughout the length of the course**. Our academic faculties decide upon the allocation of these Scholarships based on excellent performance in the Entrance Scholarship exams.

2. University Scholarships - £1,000 a year

We have approximately 50 Entrance Scholarships to award to the candidates scoring the highest aggregate marks of both examination papers (who are not offered a Faculty Scholarship). Successful candidates receive £1,000 for each year of their course.  Scholarship holders also get a reduced offer* and guaranteed accommodation in a University property throughout the length of their course**.

3. Merit Awards - £1,000 in the first year

We offer approximately 250 Merit Awards each year to students who do well in the competition but narrowly miss out on attaining a Scholarship. Merit Award holders receive £1,000 during the first year of their course, and also a reduced offer* to study at the University.

4. Reduced Offers*

All Scholars and Merit Award holders will receive a reduced offer.  A reduction equivalent to three A level grades or 24 UCAS tariff points will be applied to the offer the candidate is holding (e.g. a BBB A level offer would be reduced to CCC).  Reductions will apply to candidates studying A levels, Welsh Baccalaureate Advance Diploma, BTEC Level 3 Diplomas, or combinations of these qualifications.  Reduced offers for other qualifications will be made at the discretion of the University.

Advice on sitting the exams

You can take the exams here at Aberystwyth or at your school or college if you prefer - as long as your Exams Officer is happy to hold the exams there. Last year over 500 schools and colleges throughout the UK took part in the competition, so your school or college may well already be familiar with it. If you opt to come to Aberystwyth to sit the exams you receive further information by email in due course.

The Entrance Scholarship Application Form needs to be returned before 18th January 2019.

If you usually have specific access arrangements in place for your school/college examinations, it's likely you'll receive the same arrangements for the Entrance Scholarship exams but you MUST inform us of any requirements.

If you are an applicant from outside of the UK you will need submit evidence that your school/college is accredited to hold UK exam board examinations when you submit your application. However, we do have exam centres in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Estonia in conjunction with our partners in those countries. If you wish to sit the exam outside of the UK you must submit the paper based application form by 15th January 2019.

If you are deferring your application to 2020, you can sit the exams in 2019 (and defer any award you receive) or in February 2020.

Full regulations for the Entrance Scholarship and Merit Award competition - including appropriate subjects to take for the degree scheme you are applying for - can be viewed in Our Scholarships Brochure

Exam Structure and Past papers

It's a good idea to look at our Past Entrance Scholarship Exam Papers to get a feel for the type and level of questions likely to be asked.  Please note that prior to 2017 the duration of the exams was 2 hours, therefore the format of the exam papers from 2017 may vary slightly.

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* Candidates who do not receive an award may be given a reduced offer on the basis of their strong performance in the Entrance Scholarship competition.

** In order to secure your guaranteed place in Residence, you must apply for accommodation for the following academic year within dates advertised by the Accommodation Office for returning students.


Down‌load our Scholarships Brochure (PDF, 1.1MB)