The Evidence for "The Challenge"

The accessed "Global Citizenship Challenge" takes place after approx. 50 hours of Learning and Teaching preparatory work and skills development. The Challenge is allocated 20 hours of time.

The skills and understanding acquired during the Learning and Teaching should include PESTLE factors (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental). During lessons learners should be encouraged to debate, discuss, analyse and critically assess potentially competing arguments, aims and rights. Visiting speakers should be used as well as other external contributions from relevant organisations.

There are many forms the Challenge itself could take but WJEC recommend a 'mini-conference' style event. At this event, chosen from within the general themes and topics, learners will need to establish a 'Personal Standpoint' which demonstrates an understanding of different perspectives; the possible approaches and any suggested solutions to a global issue will need to be communicated creatively.

During the event evidence will be presented in three sections:

  1. Personal Standpoint

  2. Global Conference contribution

  3. Personal Review


Personal Standpoint

Needs to:

  1. be written
  2. have a perspective on the global issue chosen

  3. show key points of different arguments/point of view

  4. look at credibility of sources

  5. include PESTLE factors

  6. show own views

Global Conference Contribution

  1. ideas of HOW to tackle the global issue

  2. selection of ONE idea using problem solving/decision making techniques

  3. potential implementation of the ONE idea

  4. materials and resources for use at the conference

    Examples of this might be:

    • Keynote type speech (ca. 10 mins)
    • Oral presentation (ca. 5 mins) plus supporting material/resource (e.g. film, animation, song, dialogue, short play, poster, etc.)
    • Short paper (500 words) to be discussed and questioned during the conference.


Personal Review

Demonstrate and evaluate the:

  • use of skills gained during the Challenge

  • contribution to the Conference