Alun Hubbard

Principal Investigator - Aberystwyth University Profile
I focus on the links between the cryosphere, ocean and atmosphere on a variety of temporal- and spatial-scales from the 'deep' (geological) past to the (socially relevant) near future. Specifically, I am interested in acquiring field data to train models to understand & predict the trajectory of glaciers and ice sheets to see how they impact on society through changing runoff and water-supply, increased exposure to hazard and rising sea-level. I started working in Greenland in 2007 and now run a variety of projects spanning below the Arctic Circle up to 81 degrees north with a focus on understanding how ice movement and concomitant mass loss through dynamic draw-down is influenced by the vast fluxes of energy delivered to the ice sheet by marine and atmospheric processes. In total, I have over 50 co-authored peer reviewed papers and 75 months field experience researching and exploring Antarctica, Greenland and other icy parts of the planet and enjoy the many challenges operating independent logistical operations in these hostile and remote yet sublime regions.

Jason Box

Researcher - Byrd Polar Research Center Profile
Observations are vital to assess model skill. Cryospheric models are vital to assess climate sensitivity and to represent areas not benefiting from in-situ observations. Fusion of observations and models yields 'a whole that is of greater value than the individual parts'. Results yield measurable errors, an understanding of uncertainties, and the means to calibrate models. My work focuses on cryosphere climate problems in Greenland, with global sea level and ocean salinity and global climate impacts.

Bernd Kulessa

Researcher - Swansea University Profile
My research focuses on the use of applied geophysics to contribute to our understanding of the response of the world’s ice masses to past, present, and future climatic change, as well as to address related scientific problems of anthropogenic impact. In particular my interests focus on the physical mechanisms that control ice fracturing and rifting, as well as the basal properties and processes that control fast and unstable flow of ice.

Rickard Pettersson

Researcher - Uppsala University, Sweden Profile
I am interested in the flow dynamics, stability and climatic response of glaciers and ice sheets. This has led to that my research involves studies of glacier mass balance, thermodynamics and the coupling between dynamical and hydrological processes on glaciers and ice sheets. I work mostly with collecting, processing and interpreting geophysical and remote sensing data and the assimilation of these data into glaciological models.

Dirk Van As

Researcher - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Profile
Dirk has been placing automatic weather stations on the Greenland ice sheet since 2007. These stations measure atmospheric properties such as temperature, wind speed and solar radiation, but also ice ablation, which is mostly due to melt. These measurements tell us exactly how fast the ice sheet is melting. But more importantly, it help us understand why the ice is melting.

Sam Pimentel

Post-Doctoral researcher - Aberystwyth University Profile
Sam gained an undergraduate Masters in Mathematics at the University of Bath and a PhD in Oceanography at the University of Reading. Sam then moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada where he took up post-doctoral research in ice-sheet modelling at Simon Fraser University and later at the University of British Columbia. Currently working with Alun Hubbard researching the dynamic response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to climatic forcing by conducting glacio-hydrodynamic modelling of the Russell Glacier Catchment.

Glenn Jones

Postdoctoral researcher - Swansea / Aberystwyth University Profile
My current research interests are in the application of seismology to quantify and assess stress changes and their associated deformation in crystalline material e.g., glaciers and hydrocarbon reservoirs. These changes in stress manifest themselves as microseismic activity and have enormous implications for the dynamic processes of the ice sheet, improved oil extraction and the safe storage of CO2. I am also interested in the physics of these materials in particular the anisotropic properties and their effect on seismic wave propagation.

Sam Doyle

Ph.D student - Aberystwyth University Profile
Sam graduated from Staffordshire University with a BSc in Geography with Mountain Leadership in 2008 before starting an MSc in Glaciology at Aberystwyth. In summer 2009 Sam studied for his dissertation whilst assisting Dr Alun Hubbard of IGES for 4 months in West Greenland. Following Greenland Sam found a job with the British Antarctic Survey as a Project Assistant and spent 3 months in a remote field camp on Rutford Ice Stream. From Antarctica Sam went back to Greenland, again working for Alun Hubbard in the acquisition of geophysical data until early August 2010. Following this Sam led a climbing expedition to NW Greenland and sailed home across the North Atlantic to start his PhD studying the dynamics of West Greenlandic outlet glaciers.

Adam Booth

Postdoctoral researcher - Swansea University Profile
I am a near-surface geophysicist, currently researching the application of radar and seismic methods to imaging the internal and basal structure of glaciers and ice masses. My study sites include Arctic and Alpine glaciers, and my current focus involves geophysical acquisitions over the Greenland Ice Sheet as part of the GLIMPSE project.

Richard Bates

Researcher - University of St. Andrews Profile
My research focuses on the application of high resolution geophysical survey techniques for near surface investigations with an emphasis on climate impact studies such as marine benthic mapping and glacier retreat in the maritime Arctic.

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Ph.D student - Aberystwyth University Profile

Andrew received a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Sheffield in 2006. Andrew completed a Masters in Glaciology with Distinction at Aberystwyth University in 2008. During the Masters course Andrew focused his research on the response of Glaciers and Ice Caps to climate change and investigated the controls on supraglacial hydrology for his dissertation, undertaking fieldwork in South-East Switzerland during the summer of 2008.

Andrew returned to Aberystwyth in 2009 as a PhD student with working title 'The long term dynamic response of Greenland’s outlet Glaciers to climate change'. His current research involves obtaining and processing a wide variety of remotely sensed data sets covering South-West Greenland. Future work will include integrating ground-based data with the existing satellite based observations.

Christine Dow

Ph.D student - Swansea University Profile
Christine Dow is a second year Ph.D student at Swansea University. Her main research focus is subglacial hydrology. Christine graduated from her undergraduate degree in Physical Geography at the University of Edinburgh in 2006 with an MA (Hons). She then went on to complete an M.Sc in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta in 2009 working with Dr. Jeff Kavanuagh, with her research focus primarily on the subglacial hydrology of overdeepened cirque glaciers. In 2010, Christine began her PhD at Swansea University supervised by Bernd Kulessa, modelling the development of subglacial hydrological systems in the vicinity of rapidly draining supraglacial lakes.

Katrin Lindbäck

Ph.D student - Uppsala University, Sweden Profile
I have been a Ph.D student in glaciology since September 2010, and am responsible for collecting, processing and analysing ice-penetrating radar data. My project will contribute to understanding the regional scale connections between subglacial hydrology, ice flow and melt-water production, as well as assessing the controls on surface-to-bed melt water routing and how the basal hydrological system responds to variable inputs of melt water.

Nolwenn Chauché

Captain of SV Gambo / Ph.D student - Aberystwyth University Profile
I am interested in the flow dynamics, stability and climatic response of glaciers and ice sheets. This has led to that my research involves studies of glacier mass balance, thermodynamics and the coupling between dynamical and hydrological processes on glaciers and ice sheets. I work mostly with collecting, processing and interpreting geophysical and remote sensing data and the assmilation of these data into glaciological models.

Malin Johansson

Ph.D student - Stockholm University, Sweden Profile
I'm a PhD student at Stockholm University and am currently investigating supra-glacial lakes using remote sensing data. My project will contribute to the understanding of supra-glacial changes both within an individual melt season but also over decadal time scales.

Mark Neal

Researcher - Aberystwyth University

Christian Helanow

Ph.D student - Stockholm University, Sweden

Tom Blanchard

Ph.D student - Aberystwyth University

Tore Sivertsen

Helicoptor pilot

Heïdi Sevestre

University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

Alessio Gusmeroli

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Henry Patton

Henry Patton - Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University

Colin Souness

Aberystwyth University

Faezeh Nick

Free University of Brussels (ULB)