Module Identifier BSM0610  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Alan Bond  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Mr Garth Hughes  
Course delivery Lecture   20 Hours 10 x 1 hour Environmental Econ; 10 x 1 hour Sustainability  
  Workshop   4 x 1 hour Sustainability  
Assessment Exam   Environmental Econ   50%  
  Assignment   Sustainability   50%  
  Resit assessment   Essay    
Further details  

Aims and objectives
With this module we aim to make sure that you:

To provide an introduction to the nature and purpose of economics and the contribution that economics can make to the
analysis of environmental issues and the formulation of environmental policies.

We will look at the history and concept of sustainability and its development at the international level. At a national level, governments are increasingly committing themselves to sustainability and at a local level community groups and local government are starting to develop plans to ensure that local development is sustainable. So we will discuss sustainability at both these levels as well. One tool being used to help determine what is sustainable is Strategic Environmental Assessment. This is the environmental assessment of policies, plans and programmes and we will explore it in detail and see how it fits in with the needs of sustainability at the local and global levels.

Learning outcomes
Students should be aware of the use and application of the concept of sustainability both at the global and local levels, including the development of Strategic Environmental Assessment as a sustainability tool. You should also have a practical knowledge of using Microsoft Powerpoint for giving presentations and be familiar with using the web and have a general understanding of how web pages are constructed.