Module Identifier CS48110  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Mark Ratcliffe  
Semester Intended For Use In Future Years  
Next year offered N/A  
Next semester offered N/A  
Mutually Exclusive Only available to students registered for Masters in Software Engineering.  
Course delivery Lecture   22 lectures  
Assessment Course work   There is no provision for an external resit of this module. Three pieces of assessed coursework carried out in groups.   100%  

General description
This module is concerned with marketing, in its broadest sense, in the software industry. It covers the techniques used by the industry to identify and characterise its potential customers and the products and services that they require and the ways in which a software company sets about positioning itself in the market place. It also covers the procurement process, from the point of view both of the procurer and the supplier, and the nature of contracts for the supply of both packaged and bespoke software.

The aims of this module are to ensure that students understand the central role that commercial issues play in the software industry and to familiarise students with practical aspects of sales, marketing and procurement. The emphasis throughout is on company-to-company relationships rather than on company-to-consumer ones.

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students should be able to participate in:

They will also understand the legal and economic framework in which public procurement takes place and be familiar with the evolution of defence procurement strategies.

1. Marketing of software - 5 Lectures
Estimating the size of a market: sources of data. The marketing mix: retail marketing v. company-to-company marketing; marketing of goods v. marketing of services. The effects of business cycles with respect to sales of capital goods. Market positioning.

2. The tendering process for bespoke software - 6 Lectures
Invitations to tender; the tender list; preparation of proposals; evaluation of proposals. Costing and pricing. Single tender situations.

3. Public procurement - 6 Lectures
The legal framework; the EC directives. Procurement models used by various public bodies. The problems encountered with large public software procurements. The Downey Report and its successors; the reports of the National Audit Office. The NATO model. Experimental models. The CCTA Total Procurement Model.

4. Contracts - 5 Lectures
Fixed price, firm price, maximum price, cost plus, and target cost incentive fee. Appropriate situations for each type of contract. Substantive contents of contracts for hardware and software procurement and maintenance.

Reading Lists
Geoffrey A. Moore. (1995) Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and selling high-tech products to mainstream customers. Harper Collins
N.B. There are no books that cover anything more than a small proportion of the material. Copies of relevant reports and other special material not easily available will be placed in the library and/or on the Web. The book by Moore is easy to read and covers much of section 1 of the syllabus..