Module Identifier DR21610  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Mr Graham Laker  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite DR21510 Optional for Single Honours Drama students. Joint Honours Drama students who attained at least 60% in DR10320 may apply for entry to this module.  
Course delivery Lecture   30 Hours 10 x 3 hour lecture/practicals and intensive rehearsals/presentation at Gregynog  
Assessment Workshop development   Workshop development and working notebook   60%  
  Exhibition work   Exhibition of work   40%  

- To develop students' understanding of the use of voice and movement as modes of theatrical exposition.
- To develop and extend the work of DR21510, by assessing a range of alternative acting and rehearsal methodologies.
- To demonstrate a conceptual and practical understanding of the potential challenges of working in different theatrical styles.
- To keep an analytic record of work undertaken in the form of a working notebook.

Learning Outcomes:

Typically, upon completion of this module, the student will be able:

- To understand the key principles of a number of acting and rehearsal methodologies, which are distinct to those applied to psychological realism.
- To employ a range of conceptual and rehearsal procedures and modes of exposition appropriate to the presentation of different theatrical styles and genres.
- To notate and document the theatrical procedures of training and rehearsal, encountered in the module.


During the workshops, students will work with a number of practitioners who are experienced in different areas of theatre practice, and will be asked to investigate and experiment in a variety of theatrical styles. They will also be introduced to the basic principles of voice projection, and encouraged to develop their own vocal skills. The workshops will culminate in individual and small group presentations to be presented at Gregynog. Students will be expected to contribute approximately #40 towards the cost of accommodation and food at Gregynog.

Reading Lists
Essential reading.
The Department has a supplementary booklet recommending reading lists for all practical modules..
Extracts from texts will be distributed in workshops.
** Essential Reading
Boal, Augusto. (1992) Games for Actors and Non Actors. Routledge
Barba, Eugenio. (1991) The Secret Art of the Performer. Routledge
Spolin, Viola. Improvisation for the Theatre.
Zarrilli, Phillip. (1995) Acting (Re) Considered. Routledge
Eddershaw, Margaret. (1996) Performing Brecht: 40 Years of British Performances. London: Routledge,
Hagen, Uta. (1991) A Challenge for the Actor. Macmillan
Callow, Simon. (1985) Being an Actor. Harmonsworth: Penguin Books