Module Identifier EAM0530  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Bill Perkins  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr Nick Pearce  
Course delivery Lecture   12 Hours  
  Practical   40 hours either as 10 x 4 hours or as 5 x 8 hours  
Assessment Course work   Report and note book   50%  
  Course work   Individual project report and oral presentation   25%  
  Course work   In course assessment   25%  
  Resit assessment   Failed reports and essays can be resubmitted to the IGES office on or before the first day of the summer resit period (normally mid-August). Written exam can be re-taken at that time.   100%  

Brief description
This module will provide a practical training in modern analytical techniques as applied to environmental inorganic geochemistry. The practical course will include both classical and instrumental techniques. The students will perform a series of analyses on samples collected in the module Chemical Environmental Techniques. The analytical results from these samples will be used to produce a report on the environmental geochemistry of the selected site. The course will contain lectures which will deal with the factors controlling the distribution of elements in the primary and secondary environment.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this module, students will be able to

Reading Lists
Bassett, J, Denney, R C, Jeffery, G H & Mendham, J. (1978) Vogel's Textbook of Quantitative Inorganic Analysis. 4th. Longman
Gray, N F. (1994) Drinking Water Quality. Wiley
Johnson, W M & Maxwell, J A. Rocks and Mineral Analysis. 2nd. Wiley
Potts, P J. (1992) A Handbook of Silicate Rock Analysis. Blackie