Module Identifier GGM1030  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Martin Jones  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Dr Rhys Jones, Professor Mark Goodwin  
Course delivery Lecture   11 x 1.5 hrs (as part of 3 hour sessions)  
  Seminars / Tutorials   11 x 1.5 hrs (as part of 3 hour sessions)  
Assessment Course work   1 long essay (max 4,000 words)   50%  
  Course work   2 essays (max 2,000 words each - 20% each)   40%  
  Presentation     10%  
  Resit assessment   Students will have to resubmit any component of the above which they fail to complete to a satisfactory standard.    

Brief description
This core module will introduce students to the relations between states, systems of governance, and territory. It will explore the historical, social, economic and political construction of states and how they achieve and maintain their political and social power. This will be followed by a series of conceptual cuts into the changing form and function of the modern 'welfare state' and the changing political geographies of the state in an era of globalisation. The module will also consider the complex processes in and through which the contemporary nation state is being challenged at a number of levels and through a variety of spatial scales.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this module, students will be able to

Outline syllabus
Course philosophy and approach

1. Globalisation in question

Section 1: Building States and Territory

2. The end-state of globalisation: towards a borderless world?
3. Beginning-state: stateless socieites and human territorialities
4. Sate and society: early formations of the European state
5. Modern states as 'power containers'
6. Postmodern and new medieval territorialities

Section 2 : Theorising State and Economic Restructuring

7. Regulation theory I : themes and issues
8. Regulation theory II : state theory and 'hollowing-out'
9. Regulation theory III : governance and the politics of scale

Section 3: Contesting the State

10. Globalisation from below: cultural politics and pluralism
11. Globalisation from above: European challenges

Reading Lists
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