Module Identifier PX35010  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Geraint Thomas  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Dr Tudor Jenkins, Dr Geraint Vaughan  
Pre-Requisite Core Physics Modules at Level 1  
Course delivery Practical   44 Hours 11 practical classes (4 hours each)  
Assessment Course work   'Mock Report'   20%  
  Course work   Full Report   30%  
  Course work   Laboratory Notebook and one page summary   30%  
  Presentation   Oral Presentation   20%  

Module description
This module builds on the laboratory and experimental skills introduced in modules PH15010 and PH15510. The aims are to extend students skills and confidence in experimental physics. Students are expected to undertake a number of short experimental investigations covering a range of topics. Based on a short introductory guide, students will be expected to consult textbooks to expand on the relevant theoretical background outlined in the guidance notes; undertake experimental measurements; estimate errors and uncertainties etc.; note their progress in a laboratory diary. Finally they must prepare written reports on the experiments summarising their methods, analysis, findings and conclusions.

Module objectives / Learning outcomes
After taking this module students should:
Be aware of the importance of accuracy and errors in scientific measurement;
Be conscious of good experimental practice; both practical and in terms of maintaining an accurate laboratory notebook;
Be aware of type and amount of material commonly expected in a formal experimental write-up.

Additional learning activities
Basic data analysis
Preparation of written reports

Outline syllabus
Students will be expected to undertake the following experiments

Two short series of experimental measurements that will reinforce essential theoretical aspects of scientific measurement and analysis.

Two more extended experiments on i) Viscosity of air and ii) The Compound pendulum.

Reading Lists
A range of suitable textbooks is available in the laboratory..