Module Identifier PX35520  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Tudor Jenkins  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr Keith Birkinshaw, Dr Andrew Breen, Dr James Whiteway, Dr Geraint Vaughan  
Pre-Requisite Core Physics Modules at Level 1  
Course delivery Laboratory   96 Hours 24 laboratory classes (4 hours each)  
Assessment Course work   FORTRAN   25%  
  Course work   Laboratory diary   40%  
  Course work   Formal reports Coursework Deadlines (by week of semester): 1st Formal report Week 5 (approx) 2nd Formal report Week 12   35%  

Module description
In this module, students will be expected to investigate experimental topics in greater detail than in the preceding module PH25010. Students will be presented with topics for investigation and will be expected to devise and undertake a short experimental study supported by theoretical input where suitable. Students will also be taught the basics of FORTRAN computer programming.

Module objectives / Learning outcomes
After taking this module students should:

Additional learning activities
To accommodate the range of previous programming experience found amongst students, progression in FORTRAN is by means of a structured sequence of tasks and assignments, which students complete at their own pace.

Outline syllabus
Students will be required to undertake practical experiments on a range of topics.

Introduction to the basic elements of the FORTRAN programming language

Reading Lists
A small library of appropriate books is kept in the Part 2 Laboratory..