Module Identifier RD15410  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Mr Penri James  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Mr Penri James, Mr Simon Hulse  
Assessment Exam   Practical examination (takes place during class time)   35%  
  Assignment   Computer-based assessment during semester   65%  

Module description
Information management is part of everyday life and is a tool for making managerial decisions and presentations. This module provides its participants with a basic competence to manage text and data using computer systems and manual techniques.

Outcome 1
Solve a variety of numerical problems using spreadsheet software.
Performance criteria:
a The spreadsheet layout is suitably designed.
b The problem is solved using appropriate spreadsheet functions and formulae.
c. The spreadsheet is formatted for ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

Outcome 2
Construct a range of document styles using word processing software.
Performance criteria
a. A range of document layouts is appropriately demonstrated.
b. Prescribed methods are suitably used for document formatting.
Microsoft Word

Outcome 3
Analyse and present data in meaningful formats.
Performance criteria:
a. Appropriate presentation formats are selected and applied.
b. Data is presented unambiguously with brief text highlighting important points.
c. Suitable statistical analysis of data is applied and interpreted.
Charts - could include pie, bar, line, scatter, combination etc, using Microsoft Excel and drawn by hand.
Mean - measures of dispersion, calculated manually