Module Identifier RD15510  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Alun Davies  
Semester Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)  
Co-Requisite RD15310 Soil Management  
Assessment Exam   1.5 Hours   30%  
  Report   Cereal Crop report and oral presentation   70%  

Module description
This module will begin with an overview of crop production and markets in the UK. Crop production can be conveniently considered under four headings: crop establishment, crop nutrition, crop protection and crop harvesting. This module will cover these areas using the students' management of winter cereal plots as the vehicle for learning. The module will apply many of the themes covered in "Soil Management" and Plant and Crop Science.

Outcome 1
Appreciate crop production systems in the UK.
Performance criteria:
a) The range of crop production systems and their markets in the UK are identified.
b) The environmental factors influencing crop production systems are explained.
Crop production systems: grassland and arable crops in UK.
Environmental factors: soil, climate, topography, location.

Outcome 2
Appreciate the key factors involved in crop establishment
Performance criteria:
a) Seedbed requirements are identified
b) Appropriate varieties and seed are selected
c) Factors influencing sowing date, depth, spacing and seedrate are evaluated and suitable decisions are made.
d) Factors affecting crop establishment are identified
Crop: cereals.
Seedbed: depth, tilth.
Establishment: weeds, pests, diseases, climate, soil.

Outcome 3
Manage the nutrition, protection and harvesting of crops with due regard to environmental and financial considerations.
Performance criteria:
a) Fertiliser programmes are designed in a manner appropriate to the crop, the locality and the environment
b) Crops are monitored and crop protection decisions made with due regard to cost and to the environment
c) Factors influencing the correct time of harvest and successful crop storage are identified
d) Financial performance of crops are assessed
Crop: cereals