Module Identifier RD19110  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Semester Semester 1  
Assessment Exam   1.5 Hours Outcomes assessed: 1, 2   50%  
  Oral examination   Outcomes assessed: 1, 2   10%  
  Assignment   Outcomes assessed: 1, 2   40%  

Module description
The course is intended to provide basic conversational skills, enabling the student to deal with a variety of situations and vocabularies. An element of equine interest is also introduced, in order to give more interest and relevance to the course. Several pieces of written work are set, two of which count towards the final assessment. In addition, due note is taken of the students' approach, attitude and contribution to the class. Students are encouraged to buy a pocket dictionary.

Outcome 1
Mastering general basic grammar and verbs.
Performance criteria:
1. Attend classes regularly and play a full part.
2. Accuracy and attention to all work, written and oral
3. Acquire vocabulary as presented by tutor
Introductions, family life, verbs.
Climate, seasons, weather, calendar, birthdays
Geography, French Departments : location of French stud farms
Travel, finding the way around.
Body health, human/equine body parts, illness/doctor

Outcome 2
Increase fluency and knowledge.
Performance criteria:
1. Acquire a reasonable fluency of speech in common situations
2. Acquire competency in reading and writing everyday phrases
3. Develop a capacity for interaction with others, using French
Descriptions of fellow-students and self.
French politeness, manners and customs, bar/cafe ordering, bills etc.
French equine journals
General conversation