Module Identifier RD19410  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Professor Richard Moore-Colyer  
Semester Semester 2  
Assessment Exam   1.5 Hours Outcomes assessed: 1, 2   50%  
  Assignment   Outcomes assessed: 1, 2   50%  

Module description
An introduction to the history and development of British landscapes is brought together in this module by focusing on periods of invasion, settlement, development and change. Land use changes and the introduction of landscape features are identified and brought into a present day context. The role of information sources and archaeology in the preservation of these fossilised features and landscapes are considered in the latter part of the module.

Outcome 1
Describe the historical development of a given landscape
Performance criteria
a. Identify the event/civilisation that created the feature/landscape and describe its original purpose.
b. Describe the components of the feature/landscape
c. Describe the visual impact and importance of the feature/landscape.
Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, Roman, Saxon, Norman, medieval and recent
Prominence, visibility, unobtrusive, covered, rarity, abundance

Outcome 2
Describe the approaches to archaeological research.
Performance criteria
a. Identify the information sources available to date a feature/landscape
b. Describe the means by which archaeological artefacts are uncovered.
Historical records, pictures/paintings, radiocarbon dating, associated implements
Maps and aerial photos, excavation techniques