Module Identifier RD25310  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr John Harries  
Semester Semester 1  
Pre-Requisite RDW0160  
Assessment Assignment   Outcomes assessed: 4. Staff recruitment and selection   50%  
  Report   Outcomes assessed: 1, 2, 3 Managerial skills report   50%  

Module description
Few managers have had formal training in managerial skills. There is often a gap between managers' professional capabilities and their capabilities as managers. Managerial skills involve the ability to motivate, communicate and delegate with
confidence. Emphasis will be placed on the mechanisms for effective decision making and the process of achieving effective action. These skills will reinforce the technical subjects within the course by allowing students to realise the importance of personal
skills within any subject as a means to enable career progression and management.

Outcome 1

Analyse the role of a manager.

Performance criteria:
a. The role of a manager is analysed into appropriate components.
b. The effectiveness of a manager is critically appraised.
c. Methods of managing time effectively are identified.

Fayol's analysis: Forecasting; Organising; Commanding; Co-ordinate; Control.
Mintzberg's analysis: Interpersonal; Informational; Decisional

Outcome 2

Apply a rational process to decision making.

Performance criteria:
a. Identify different kinds of decisions.
b. Identify methods of making rational decisions.
c. Use appropriate decision making tools.

Decisions: Programmed; Non-programmed; Autocratic; Consultative
Methods: Intelligence; Design; Choice
Tools: Lists; Decision trees; Cause and effect diagrams

Outcome 3

Apply a rational process to drawing up and implementing a plan.

Performance criteria:
a. Basic components of a plan are identified.
b. A rational process for developing a plan is identified.
c. Techniques to assist with preparing a plan are identified.

Components: aims and objectives; specification of activities; estimate of resources.
Process: Definition of objectives; Options; Sequence; Resources; Review; Monitor and
Techniques: Brainstorming; Key Events Charts; Gantt Charts; Control Loops.

Outcome 4

Appreciate the skills required to effectively manage people.

Performance criteria:
a. Appropriate skills for effective personnel selection are identified.
b. Significance and application of motivation theory is appreciated.
c. Purpose and effectiveness of groups are identified.
d. Relevant personnel management legislation is identified.

Personnel Selection Skills: Jop Description; Personnel Specification; Advertisement;
Motivation Theory: Maslow; Alderfer; Herzberg; Expectancy Theory.
Groups: Functions; Determinants of effectiveness.
Legislation: Employment; Health and Safety.