Module Identifier RD26110  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Mr Adegbola Adesogan  
Semester Semester 2  
Assessment Exam   1.5 Hours Outcomes assessed: 2 Biochemistry examination   35%  
  Exam   3 Hours Outcomes assessed: 1 Statistics examination   50%  
  Practical exercise   Outcomes assessed: 1 Biochemistry Practical Notebook.   10%  
  Practical report      

Module description
This module is for final year HND students progressing directly onto the final year of the BSc Agriculture course at Aberystwyth. The module aims to develop or reinforce their knowledge of basic biochemistry and statistics principles.

Outcome 1

Explain the principles of biochemistry relevant to the major metabolic pathways found in agricultural systems.

Performance criteria:
a. The structure and function of proteins are identified.
b. Factors which influence the effectiveness of enzymes are identified and explained.
c. The structure and function of carbohydrates are explained.
d. The structure and function of lipids are explained.
e. The major metabolic pathways are explained.
f. The significance of these pathways to agricultural systems are identified.

A variety of proteins.
A variety of carbohydrates.
A variety of lipids.
Oxidative metabolism; fatty acid oxidation; amino acid deamination; glycolysis; TCA
cycle; fermentation systems.

Outcome 2

Identify and utilise the appropriate statistical techniques to analyse experimental data.

Performance criteria:
a. The statistical requirements of experimental design are identified.
b. Appropriate statistical techniques are applied.
c. The results of analysis are interpreted correctly.


Frequency distributions; normal distribution; hypothesis and tests of significance;
"I" distribution and confidence limits; mean and standard deviation; degrees of freedom.
Analysis of variance.
Multivariate analysis.
Analysis of counts.