Module Identifier RD26510  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Mr Ian Keirle  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite RD16410  
Assessment Exam   Outcomes Assessed: 4.   25%  
  Assignment   Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3. Recreational site assignment   75%  

Module description
Having gained a basic understanding of countryside recreation in the first year module People in the Countryside, this module looks at the methods available to the countryside manager to manage countryside recreation. The marketing process is used as the underpinning theme of the module looking at recreational sites as products and the recreationalist as a consumer. Research methods that can be used to find out about recreationalists, their needs and attitudes, together with finding out about recreation sites theselves are outlined. The module donsiders the role played by management techniques such as signposting, site infrastucture, information, transport, erosion control and disabled access in the management of recreational sites. The module concludes by looking at the media and how it can be utilised in a positive manner.

Outcome 1

Understand the marketing process in relation to recreation management.

Performance criteria:
a. An understanding of the marketing mix is demonstrated
b. An understanding of target audiences and market segmentation is demonstrated.
c. An understanding of sites as products is demonstrated.

Marketing mix: Product, price, promotion, distribution
Target audience: Market segmentation, target audiences
Product: Views, intrinsic appeal, activities, conservation interest, safety.

Outcome 2

Plan the use of a site for countryside recreation.

Performance criteria:
a. The ability to plan for recreation is demonstrated.
b. The provision of infrastructure on a given site is planned in relation to visitor and site needs.
c. An understanding of how to improve access at recreation sites is demonstrated.

Recreational planning: Aims and objectives, visitor needs, site needs.
Infrastructure and access: Signposts, paths and their management, gates, stiles, furniture fences, car parks, disabled access, information and interpretation.

Outcome 3

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the methods available to site managers to survey recreational sites and their usage.

Performance criteria:
a. A method of assessing the condition of a recreation site is demonstrated.
b. An appreciation is shown of the direct methods available to survey site usage.
c. An appreciation is shown of the indirect methods available to survey site usage.

Site condition: infrastructure or welcome audit.
Direct Methods: Questionnaires, observation, counts.
Indirect Methods: Stile counters, road traffic counters, pressure pads.

Outcome 4

Demonstrate an understanding of the importance and use of the media in the management of recreation.

Performance criteria
a. An understanding is shown of the value of using the media.
b. Press release and radio interview convey the information required in an appropriate tone and style, for the appropriate audience.

Value of media: publicity, information, profile.
Press Release: Style, structure, content, press list, target audience.