Module Identifier RS32210  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr David Wilman  
Semester Semester 1  
Pre-Requisite RS20410 , RS21110  
Assessment Exam   2 Hours   100%  

Aims of the module
To make students aware of current research related to grassland, of the limitations of current knowledge and practice, and of possible future developments. Agricultural and environmental aspects of the management of lowland, upland and hill swards are considered.

The Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research is based in Aberystwyth and Welsh agriculture depends heavily on grassland. It is appropriate that final year students in the Welsh Institute of Rural Studies should have the opportunity to study grassland research and development.

Learning outcomes
On completion of the module, students should:

i) Be aware of current research related to grassland;

ii) Recognise the limitations of current knowledge and practice;

iii) Be aware of possible future developments;

iv) Be able to identify key aspects and present a coherent assessment of the
topics covered.

Syllabus / Curriculum design
Lectures and visits to research stations and farms. Topics covered include: herbage quality limitations and the potential for improving quality; the production and evaluation of varieties; plant nutrient supply and losses; sward improvement; cutting versus grazing; silage microbiology; rumen microbiology; organic husbandry.

Reading Lists
Minson D J. (1990) Forage in ruminant nutrition. Academic Press
McDonald P Henderson N and Heron S. (1991) The biochemistry of silage. 2nd.
Whitehead D C. (1995) Grassland nitrogen. CAB International

Grass and Forage Science. Journal of the British Grassland Society
Grasslands and Forage Abstracts.

Technical Reports
IGER Reports.
IGER Innovations.