Module Identifier RS35110  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Mark Dagleish  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite RS10510 , RS22810  
Assessment Exam   2 Hours   100%  

Aims of the module
This module will be linked with the level 2 module, RS22810 Animal Health and Welfare and will deal with infectious diseases of farm animals. Special emphasis will be given to the prevention and control of bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases prevalent in the United Kingdom. Notifiable and zoonotic diseases will also be discussed

Learning outcomes
On completion of this module students will be able to :

i) Describe major infectious diseases of farm animals.

ii) Identify measures for prevention and control of infectious diseases.

iii) Identify notifiable diseases.

iv) Identify and describe zoonotic diseases and the measures which could be taken to minimise the risks of infection to humans.

v) Describe notifiable diseases in the UK and all the relevant legislation in this regard.

Syllabus / Curriculum design
Bacterial diseases. Viral diseases. Parasitic diseases. Prevention and control of infectious diseases.
Mastitis and its control. Metabolic diseases of ruminants. Diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies.
Diseases of the reproductive system. Diseases of the newborn.
Diseases of the pig. Diseases of poultry. Notifiable diseases. Zoonotic diseases.

Reading Lists
Radostits O M. (1994) Veterinary medicine. 8th. Bailliere Tindall
(1991) The Merck Veterinary Manual. 7th. Merck and Company
Webster J. (1993) Understanding the dairy cow. 2nd. Blackwell Scientific Publications, London
Blowey R W. (1985) A veterinary book for dairy farmers. Farming Press

Veterinary Record. BVA
In Practice (Supplement to Veterinary Record). BVA