Module Identifier SP10210  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Mrs Esther Santamaria Iglesias  
Semester Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)  
Other staff Enrique Perez  
Assessment Exam   0.3 Hours This will take place at the end of Semester 2 and will take the form of a 15 minute interview with a native speaker (normally the lector/lectora). In the interview each student will be asked to: (a) Read a passage in Spanish (which will be given to the student 15 minutes prior to interview) and answer a few questions, in Spanish, on the content of the passage. (b) Offer a brief presentation (3-4 minutes), in Spanish, on a slected topic. (Each student will be given notice of three topics to prepare for this presentation, from which teh lector/lectora will choose one, during the interview, upon which the student will be asked to speak). (c) Engage in a general conversation. The distribution of marks for the above parts of the oral examination is as follows: (a) 25%; (b) 25%; (c) 50%.   80%  
  Continuous assessment   This will be based equally on: (a) regularity of attendance at the weekly oral class and (b) active participation in the class.   20%  

Brief description
The advanced course in Spanish language (oral/aural) is a thin module, covering both Semester 1 and 2.

This module aims - via weekly class meetings with a native speaker - to develop in students the acquisition of active oral and aural skills in Spanish and generally to enhance communicative competence and confidence in the language.

Course content:

Discussion and debate on topical issues; the use of media articles, audio and visual tapes, with discussion and commentary on these; role plays; individual presentations. In all these activities special attention is paid to accuracy in pronunciation and fluency.