Module Identifier SP10310  
Module Title SPANISH CINEMA 1  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Dr Rob Stone  
Semester Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)  
Other staff Professor Robert Havard, Mr Roger Mills, G Edwards  
Pre-Requisite None for students outside Spanish.  
Co-Requisite None for students outside Spanish. For Spanish students: SP10120, SP10210, SP10510, SP10610.  
Mutually Exclusive SP10740  
Course delivery Contact Hours   16 Hours  
  Seminars / Tutorials    
Assessment Exam   2 Hours Written exam.   70%  
  Essay   Assessed essay (1,500-2,000 words)   30%  

Brief description
This is a 10 credit thin module which is intended for first year students at advanced level and for students from other disciplines with an interest in film. A knowledge of Spanish is not required, since all films are subtitled and translations of texts are supplied.

The course is designed to provide an introduction to Spanish cinema. More specifically, the course allows for an appreciation of the adaptation of literary works for the cinema. Four very different films are studied on this course - each of which reveals much about the the social and political context of their making.

There will be four hours devoted to each film. The first will deal with the literary source and the remainder will consist of a close study of the film. The final hour for each film will be conducted as a seminar.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this module students should have a better awareness of cinematic techniques in general, an understanding of how films relate to specific social contexts and an appreciation of the way that film brings a new dimension to the treatment of themes in comparison with other genres.

Reading Lists
** Recommended Text
Marsha Kinder. (1993) Blood Cinema. Los Angeles
John Hopewell. (1986) Out of the Past: Spanish Cinema Under Franco. London: FBI Books
Laura Mulvey,. (1992) 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' in Film Theory and Criticism. ed.Leo Braudy, Oxford: Oxford University Press
David A. Cook. (1996) A History of Narrative Film. U.S.A.: W.W. Norton
Barry Jordan and Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas. (1998) Contemporary Spanish Cinema. Manchester University Press
(1985) Behind the Spanish Lens. Arden Press: Colorado